A Disruption in the Force: KTM 790 Duke vs. Triumph Street Triple R

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By Troy Siahaan

You’ll see a theme if you scroll back the last decade or so on MO: we have a thing for the Triumph Street Triple. After numerous rides and shootouts each time it gets updated, it’s safe to say we love that little 675cc three-cylinder. The sound it makes is outrageously cool, the power it delivers is fun without being overwhelming, and the overall package is an absolute blast. Yeah, the looks are kinda polarizing, but none of that matters once you twist the grip.

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Then, lo-and-behold, Triumph one-upped itself and upgraded the Street Triple at the end of 2017 as a 2018 model, giving it a significant bump in displacement: up to 765cc – much to the grins of dyslexics everywhere. Of course, the magic of three cylinders didn’t go anywhere, and the new bike was once again a hit amongst us all. Tom “Biceps” Roderick seriously considered buying one when he walked out the proverbial MO door on his way to self-employment. Meanwhile, we all liked it enough to name it Motorcycle.com’s Best Standard Motorcycle of 2018. And by “it” I’m talking about Triumph’s top-of-the-range RS version of the Street Triple. Contenders for the Streetie’s crown have come and gone, and while some have done better than others at swaying our opinion, at the end of the day our hearts have always gravitated back to the Triumph.

KTM’s response? “Challenge accepted.”

“I see your Street Triple R, and I raise you this.” -KTM

Okay, we seriously doubt this was actually said inside some KTM board meeting (although it’d be great if it were), but when it comes to benchmarking an existing model for KTM’s new 799cc parallel-Twin, Team Orange couldn’t have picked a better target. Of course, we all know the result: the …read more

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