Top 10 Motorcycle Resolutions for 2019

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By John Burns

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I don’t think I’ve ever made a New Year’s Resolution, probably because I lead so nearly perfect a life. But since it’s my turn to do the “Top 10” list this week, I’ll make an exception. The experts say the best way to stick to resolutions is in small chunks. So bite off a few of these morsels and see if anything sticks, why not?

10. Ride More

Kuryakyn Grand Pet Palace

Well, duh, but this was the number one suggestion among Facebook friends consulted. Everybody’s always got too much to do to ride their motorcycle. One suggestion, if I may: If your bike doesn’t have storage, get some. Then you can ride your motorcycle instead of taking the car when you need to carry a thing or two. Also, having a riding suit that goes on over your normal apparel (Aerostich again!) greatly expands your riding envelope. Are there any jobs left that require a professional appearance other than football commentator?

9. Get a Scooter

Speaking of Ride More, keeping a scooter tied up out front of your dwelling is way handier than you’d ever imagined if you’ve never owned one. Instead of firing up the four-wheeler or the big motorcycle every time you need a gallon of eggnog or a bag of Cheetos or to pick the sprog up at school, you just hop on the scooter and get a mini-blast of fresh moto-thrill at slightly reduced speed. Terribly convenient, dog head-out-the-window refreshing, remarkably economical. Rig up an electric vest plug and some hippo hands if you live where it’s cold, and quit whining. You’re only going a few miles anyway.

8. Don’t park in front of Hells Angels HQ

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