Indian Files Trademark Application for Indian Renegade

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By Dennis Chung

Indian has filed an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to reserve the name “Indian Renegade” for use on “motorcycles and structural parts therefor.” The filing follows another trademark application submitted last month for “Indian Raven“, giving us two potential names for future Indian models.

As usual, the trademark application does not provide any additional clue for what an Indian Renegade could be, leaving us to speculate based on what we know of Indian’s current lineup and what it has in the pipeline.

The recent Raven filing gives us two potential model names that start with an “R”, so it’s possible the two will be connected in some way, perhaps sharing a similar platform. The “renegade” name implies a sense of rebellion, a theme that’s not uncommon for the motorcycle industry (see Rebel, Honda).

We can probably rule out the Renegade being a tourer; the rebellious theme may be a better fit for a cruiser or, perhaps a streetfighter than a bike that eats up a ton of miles.

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He may have ridden a Harley-Davidson in the ’80s television series “Renegade” but we couldn’t pass up the chance to run this picture of Lorenzo Lamas riding an Indian for a charity ride in 2014.

One interesting aspect of both recent filings is that they were filed with “Indian” being part of the trademark instead of just “Raven” and “Renegade” on their own. When a company does this, it’s usually because it expects a potential conflict with other existing trademarks. The “Renegade” name is already in use by Bombardier for a Can-Am ATV and Jeep for an SUV. In fact, a Google image search for the term brings up multiple results for Jeep Renegades. These products aren’t motorcycles, but because they are …read more

Source:: Indian Files Trademark Application for Indian Renegade


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