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By Brandon Jackson


So this holiday season I was presented with a request to do a review unlike I have done before. Our content editor asked if I would check out an eCommerce site that sells motorcycle, atv/utv, and snowmobile gear and accessories.

I was sort of struck a bit sideways at first as I have never really thought about reviewing a site as part of my reviews for webBikeWorld. I thought about this for a few minutes and I realized I should be able to offer some relevant insight after all. (We’ll see) 🙂

I have been purchasing motorcycle gear for myself and for reviews for over ten years and have used a variety of online stores during this time. I also manage and design websites for myself including MotorcycleWords.com, MotosportPhotos.com, and Jacksonphotoworks.com so I’m not uninformed as to what it takes to build an effective web presence.

Since this is a new genre of review I needed to determine what aspects of a website would be of most interest to our readers. Here is what I came up:

  • Overall site experience including:

    • Speed of site response
    • Mobile device display
    • Search options
  • Range of products on offer for motorcyclists and pricing
  • Ordering process
  • Customer service
  • Received product packaging and shipping speed
  • Return Policy

I want to encourage our readers to let us know if there are any aspects you feel got overlooked in this review that should be included in future ones.

It should be noted that 2Wheel.com was not aware I was reviewing their site and I didn’t use an email address that might tip them off. The intent here is to be treated just like any other buyer so we can get an unbiased and objective look at how they operate.

With that out of the way let’s dig in.

2Wheel.com Site Experience

2Wheel.com is definitely a sales vehicle. There is no mistaking this fact the moment …read more

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