Upcoming Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction(s) Will Be A Deusy

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By John Burns

Mecum’s auction will include The “Stockholm Collection” for one thing, which is supposedly kind of a big deal. It includes such juicy motorcycles as the 1939 Crocker Big Tank in our lead image, which will be sold with no reserve (though the estimate is, ahem, $400,000 to 500,000).

Until Indian gets off its butt and builds a modern inline Four, maybe this 1938 Model 438 could keep you amused? Not seeing a price for it, but it’s recently restored and “built to ride,” so maybe more affordable than the Crocker. Or the `51 Vincent Rapide estimated at around $100k.

Sure there’s modern stuff.

This early CB750KO is being sold no reserve, and expected to generate $38 – 50k. The KO as you know, had sandcast engine cases, as Honda didn’t want to invest a lot in manufacturing equipment if the bike turned out to be a flop. It didn’t.

Not modern enough for you?

Maybe this 1988 (first year) Honda RC30 (wow that’s 40 years ago) checks your boxes. It’s got 1 “pushing” mile on the odometer. Experts tell us a few no-miles RCs like this have suddenly come to market, following the recent sale of one like it that fetched $90k. Ka-ching! But Mecum estimates this one will go for just $50 to 65k. No reserve.

That’s just four from the Stockholm bunch. In addition to them, Mecum says there’ll be a total of 1,750 bikes going under the gavel.

Meanwhile at the Rio Hotel Casino, Bonham’s will be doing its thing beginning January 24, where Lot 24 is this `93 Ducati Supermono. One of 67 produced, Bonham’s …read more

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