Helequip Helmic 3.1 Helmet Mic Review

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By Troy Siahaan

In case you somehow haven’t noticed by now, Motorcycle.com has a separate YouTube channel – because sometimes (okay, most of the time) you’d rather see the motorcycles we ride in action rather than just read our words about them. Sometimes it can be even better if you can get our immediate thoughts about a motorcycle directly as we’re riding them. Of course, this means talking and riding at the same time (it’s harder than it sounds if you’re a MOron like us). The challenge is capturing good, clean audio with little to no wind noise. Bonus points if you can do it on the cheap. Say hello to the HelEquip HelMic 3.1. Since this is a microphone review after all, watch the video below to get my thoughts. Otherwise, feel free to read on.

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First, a funny backstory: We discovered the HelMic 3.1 through a commenter on our YouTube page. He left a comment on one of our videos about the poor audio quality. Generally we’d brush aside the haters, but he went on to invite us to look at his page to hear the audio in his videos – and as much as it pains me to say it, the quality wasn’t half bad! And it was all done on the HelMic 3.1.

There’s not much to it – 3D casing, microphone guts, and foam.

Once pride was put aside I got to know the man behind HelEquip. His name is Cody Payte, a motovlogger from Texas who put his love for riding and his skills with 3D printing (both of which are side hobbies he does after his regular 9-to-5) to good use to create the HelMic 3.1. As the name suggests, this is the third iteration of Payte’s design. Simply …read more

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