Hit-Air MLV-C Detailed Review

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By Brandon Jackson

Over the past few months, I have been wearing an MLV-C airbag vest from Hit-Air. During this time I have written about adding an airbag vest to my everyday riding gear and how I came to decide on the Hit-Air MLV-C for me. Now that I’ve had some time to wear the vest on a regular basis it’s time to follow up with my thoughts and final review.

When I started riding with this vest it was late winter and the temperatures during the day barely broke 50 degrees (F). Now with Summer approaching and the temperatures already up in the 90’s (F) during the day here in Nashville, TN, I’ve had a chance to evaluate what it is like to live with the MLV-C vest over different riding jackets and ambient temps.

That leads me to the first point…

The Heat Question

The most frequently asked question that I have gotten about the vest is “Is it hot to ride in?”.

The answer is “It depends”.

When the temperatures rise many riders, including me, reach for textile mesh and/or perforated leather gear. Seeing as the airbag vest is going to sit on top of whatever jacket one is wearing, it’s going to restrict airflow to some degree. How much will depend on where and how much mesh is part of the jacket being covered.

Hit-Air-MLV-C-Vest chassis

Taking a look at the MLV-C vest you see that Hit-Air has done a good job of keeping the design “open”. There are two large gaps in the back for air to flow through and the entire center of the front is open save for the two snap buckles holding the vest closed. While the vest overall will still restrict airflow it should do as well if not better than many other airbag vest designs I’ve seen.

<img src="https://www.webbikeworld.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/hit-air-mlvc-motorcycle-airbag-vest-06-1024×768.jpg" alt="Hit-Air …read more

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