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By Brandon Jackson


With winter getting into full swing here in the Northern Hemisphere some riders will be packing up their gear and winterizing their bikes until spring. Others will do our best to keep riding throughout the winter and as such, will be breaking out the cold weather riding gear.

Winter riding gear an excellent study in compromise. On the one hand, it allows riders to continue enjoying their two-wheeled addiction – activity during the colder times of the year. On the other hand warmer, insulated gear is going to be bulky and can be a bit restrictive thus reducing the overall enjoyment of motorcycle riding.

Electrically heated gear can be added to help keep riders warm when it gets really cold out but it could also be used for wearing lighter outer layers when it is only chilly outside. Of course, a heated jacket or vest can still add some bulk and might not fit well under more snug riding gear.

If only there was a happy medium, right? Enter the Thawdaddy from Mobile Warming.

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The Mobile Warming Thawdaddy

I believe it was a simple Google search that leads me to the Thawdaddy. I was looking for a “thin and light” heated vest that would fit comfortably under a variety of riding gear. I prefer my riding gear run on the snug side. Close fitting gear will do better at holding the armor in position in the event of a crash and many heated jackets and vests can be a bit too thick for comfort.

The Thawdaddy …read more

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