Motorcycle Gadgets Buyer’s Guide 2019

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By Troy Siahaan

It’s safe to say you ride – or at least have an interest in – motorcycles, right? Of course. So by extension, the very fact you’re reading these words means you own an electronic device. Which also means you’re open to the idea of combining your ownership of motorcycles with the usage of electronic devices. Sure, we hear people say they ride their bikes to get away from the emails and phone calls and other electronic noise that bombards their everyday lives, but at the end of the day, technology is supposed to enhance our lives. If you’re one who believes in this idea, then read on, because in this motorcycle gadgets buyer’s guide we show you some cool and/or useful devices that will make your riding experience just a little bit better.

Cardo Freecom Communicator

Communicators come in all shapes and sizes, and are great tools for talking to your riding buddies, or simply your friend riding co-pilot. With the redesigned Cardo Freecom series, you have a mid-priced line of communicators with some premium features, like voice-command operation that operates on simple commands like, “Hey Cardo.” It’s also operational with Siri and OK Google, so you can still make phone calls while riding. The communicator itself has been streamlined to better slice through the air, and Cardo has teamed up with JBL for optimum sound quality.

The Freecom series starts at $139.95. More information can be found at

GoPro Hero7 Black

If you’ve watched any of the recent videos on’s Youtube channel, then odds are you’ve seen us use GoPro cameras. Since Santa thought we were good boys this year, we’ve also acquired ourselves the latest from GoPro – the Hero7 Black – the new industry standard when it comes to action cameras. If you haven’t heard about …read more

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