Trizzle’s Take: Gone Too Soon

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By Troy Siahaan

I’ve never been a fan of the mid-’90s – early 2000s Suzuki Katana. To me they were fat, underpowered, and hideously ugly – three traits that should spell instant death to any motorcycle. It’s an utter shame the Katana name – a once well respected and sought after model – was attached to that motorcycle in the end. I made my distaste of that bike well known when I met James for the first time. He laughed it off, even agreed with me on some points, then changed the subject. It was like he knew the Katana he was riding was bad, but didn’t want to dwell on it any more than he had to. Maybe he got it for free?

I was still new to motorcycles at that point, and was lucky enough to stumble upon a forum group that held regular rides where newbs were welcome. James took me under his wing. I didn’t ask for it, nor did I really even seek it, but we somehow formed a bond. You would think trashing someone’s motorcycle would put you on an instant ban list, but for whatever reason after that, we hit it off.

I like most motorcycles. I don’t like the late-model Suzuki Katanas. Thankfully, people like James exist to keep them on the road.

It started out as they usually do, with group canyon rides with our fellow forum buddies. When we weren’t riding, we were talking about riding on the forum. We all became surprisingly tight. As the collective group, including James, started to pick up the pace, we eventually turned to trackdays together. James was never the one to give me pointers on how to cut seconds off my lap time – there were other people in our group better suited for that – but he did …read more

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