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By Joe Gresh

After riding 5,000 miles through the Western States on CSC‘s RX3 mini ADV motorcycle I figured the gig was up for me: Motorcycle manufacturers are usually left unsatisfied and hollow feeling whenever I butcher a motorcycle review. On that ride the RX3s ran fine and had nothing else to prove. So who’d be crazy enough to foot the bill for another long distance 250cc ride?

It turns out Zongshen, the Big Daddy of Chinese motorcycle manufacturers and supplier to CSC motorcycles in California, was crazy enough. Zong fired a 40-day, 9000-kilometer (5600-mile) publicity-seeking missile directly into the heart of the Middle Kingdom that vaporized the standard paper-magazine road test. These guys are serious about changing your opinion of Zongshen motorcycle reliability. When the smoke cleared we rode more of China than the most hardcore Chinese motorcyclists will ever ride, visited more legendary archeological sites than an eighteenth-century British nobleman’s ne’er do well son and generally blew through as much of Zong’s money as possible until they tossed us out of the country.

9,000 kilometers in 40 days. Without naps we could have been done in an afternoon.

History’s thin, ragged tear through time will record the early twenty-first century as the era when the American airline industry began its final descent. It’s a sad situation when a communist, government-operated airline’s economy class seating far exceeds our capitalist, free-enterprise first class passenger service. So I was well-fed, hopelessly compromised journalistically and as rested as could be after 15 hours in the air with CSC’s public relations sensei Joe Berk when we stepped out of the airplane into the welcoming embrace of Mr. Luo and Tracy, both employees of the Zongshen motorcycle company.

Mr. Luo walked us in ever-widening circles around the huge, glass-enclosed Guangzhou airport while Tracy admitted in passable English that …read more

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