Skidmarks: LiveWire, Your Rent is Too Damn High

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By Gabe Ets-Hokin

I like electric vehicles. I mean, I really like them. But unlike a lot of journalists who say they like something, I actually went out and spent my hard-earned on an electric car, a 2018 Chevy Bolt; one of my best purchases ever. I bought it because when it was announced, it was the first affordable long-range electric vehicle, and it’s been great. It’s not perfect for everything, but what car is? For cars, EVs aren’t coming; they’re here.

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Motorcycles? Not. It’s now been almost exactly 10 years since I reviewed my first electric motorcycle, and I thought there would be more progress. In fact, things are starting to look a little bleak. There’s really only one company selling e-motos in any kind of volume – Zero – and it’s struggling, likely only keeping the lights on thanks to the deep pockets of its investors. Brammo has gone the way of the dodo, Alta Motors abruptly shut down and Energica likely sells less than 100 units a year. KTM and BMW make electric two-wheelers, but in small quantities, and the range/price equation is underwhelming.

So, when I heard Harley-Davidson was putting the LiveWire prototype into production, I felt a glimmer of hope. H-D is a behemoth when it comes to heavyweight motorcycle manufacturers, far outselling any other brand when it comes to the …read more

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