Alpinestars Core Leather Jacket Hands-On Review

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By Kathy Koewler

A Pleasant Surprise

I was very excited to test the Alpinestars Core leather jacket because it is offered in a perforated model which is perfect for the warmer climate of Phoenix. I have worn many textile and mesh jackets over the years and I like the comfort and fit but mentally I just don’t feel as protected as I do when I am wearing leather, so the Core is a great option.

The jacket is offered in all black and a combo black and white in men’s sizes 46 to 60. It would be great to see Alpinestars add a women’s line to the Core series as there are many ladies out there who would be eager to have this aggressively designed sport style jacket. But for now, the men’s sizes will accommodate many of those ladies.

From the moment that I opened the box, I knew that I was going to enjoy this jacket and the quality that it offered. When I am willing to pay what I consider to be top dollar for a product which I expect to be of superior quality, I appreciate that the manufacturer also views the item as a quality product. Clearly, Alpinestars invests the time in carefully packaging this jacket to be sure that it arrives at the customer in perfect condition.

The jacket was wrapped in tissue paper and plastic and then carefully folded to fit into the box. Because of that care, it arrived in perfect condition with not a scratch or crease on the supple leather. Being ordered online, I view the packaging and care taken in the process to be the total effort of the salesmanship from a business and Alpinestars did not disappoint.

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