6D Introduces A Highly Sophisticated Youth Helmet – The ATR-2Y

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By Troy Siahaan

6D, the helmet manufacturer who made a name for itself by re-writing the rules when it comes to helmet design and rider safety, has introduced arguably the most advanced youth helmet on the market today – the ATR-2Y.

According to 6D, between 2000 and 2011 over 4 million injuries were reported. Of those, 11.3% were Head and Neck Injuries (HNI), with motocross registering the fourth highest injury total (78,236). Only skiing (83,313), Snowboarding (97,527), and skateboarding (129,600) ranked higher. What’s equally alarming is, at a single race event survey conducted by 6D, half the riders reported experiencing concussion-related symptoms from riding, and over 60% of those riders continued racing that day. To add even more numbers to think about; each year 1 million Americans sustain a concussion, 300,000 of which are sports related.

Obviously, the health and well being of our kids is of utmost importance, and considering how many participate in motocross events across the world, reducing their likelihood of concussions in a fall is a top priority. With the ATR-2Y, 6D has taken a big step in youth safety. At the risk of trying to explain the helmet’s features myself, I’ll let 6D do the talking from here:


6D changed the helmet industry forever in 2013 with the introduction of the revolutionary ATR-1 off-road motorcycle helmet with its patented Omni-Directional Suspension (ODS) technology. 6D’s technology has been studied, analyzed, and tested by some of the greatest minds in head protection, and has proven itself effective all around the globe, and across multiple 6D helmet designs by now.

Introducing the all new ATR-2Y youth off-road competition helmet. Simply put, it’s the next level in brain protection for today’s youngest moto athletes. The 6D ATR-2Y follows directly in its parent’s footsteps. It is the most advanced helmet available …read more

Source:: 6D Introduces A Highly Sophisticated Youth Helmet – The ATR-2Y


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