MO Tested: KLIM F5 Koroyd Helmet Review

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By Ryan Adams

Since receiving the KLIM F5 Koroyd, I’ve put a lot of miles into this lid. Long freeway miles and multiple days back-to-back in the dirt, in both hot and cold climates. The F5 Koroyd has performed very well, thanks in part to the technology and development that has gone into this helmet. As KLIM has done with many other products throughout its lineup, the F5 Koroyd is a collaboration between KLIM and other leading companies in an attempt to truly make the best helmet possible.

The DOT/ECE rated F5 Koroyd’s standout features can be broken down into three parts: light weight, ventilation, and safety. The first of which has been achieved with the use of premium construction materials and class-leading technology.

The F5 Koroyd’s outer shell is made up of KLIM’s Karbon Fiber. In an effort to keep weight down with the lightest material currently being used across the market, this helmet is also available in three shell sizes to keep the helmet as physically small as possible coordinating with the user’s helmet size.

Those sections of welded green tubes are Koroyd panels integrated into the EPS.

The use of Koroyd technology in this new F5 actually adds to all three of the features mentioned above. Constructed from sections of welded tubes, Koroyd claims its material provides 48% more energy absorption than other standard EPS style foam liners on the market. First developed for the commercial airline industry, Koroyd is now being used in many different helmet applications across industries such as cycling and construction and also in items such as elbow and knee pads, back protectors, and even skis.

The Koroyd tubes work extremely well for ventilation. A key element of the F5 in its original iteration was to provide ample venting to allow heat to escape while working in more technical terrain at …read more

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