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By Ryan Adams

As motorcycle technology continues to progress, so too have motorcycle helmet communicators. We have Bluetooth ranges that continue to increase, voice prompts, group intercoms, mesh technology, apps, and more. It’s fair to say that two major players have dominated the Bluetooth helmet communicator game, for motorcycle helmets at least. Sena and Cardo have wide ranges of offerings for all sorts of applications, though they’re not the only ones out there.

Considering all of the products currently on the market, we’ve put together a helmet communicators buyer’s guide to help you decide which units will work best for you.

Cardo PackTalk Bold

Evans Brasfield recently put the PackTalk Bold to the test and came away pleasantly surprised with how the system performed. Evans is our resident Bluetooth communicator specialist, having tested nearly all of the units to come out for at least the last 75 years. Evans’ full review of the Cardo PackTalk Bold gives a great in depth review of the system and what it’s like using it out in the streets.

MO Tested: Cardo Systems PackTalk Bold

To summarize for this list’s purpose, some of the features that stood out as working well to my esteemed colleague were the Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC), next-gen voice controls, and the overall audio quality. Cardo’s DMC technology has been around for a while now and has grown more and more popular with other manufacturers jumping on board. In both Evans’ and my tests, Cardo’s DMC technology works well and doesn’t drain battery life like other units. Cardo has also put an emphasis on voice controls, allowing riders to keep their hands firmly planted on those grips. Once you have Cardo’s specific idiosyncrasies memorized, using the voice commands becomes second nature when using the PackTalk Bold. Brasfield gave the PackTalk Bold the …read more

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