7 Predictions For Ducati’s Future Electric Motorcycle

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By Troy Siahaan

In case you missed it, Ducati boss Claudio Domenicali recently announced the company will be putting an electric motorcycle into production sooner rather than later. If you must know, his exact words were, “The future is electric and we’re not far from beginning production of the series.” He was speaking during the podium celebrations for a student-run racing series in which the Ducati-supported University of Bologna’s UniBo rookie team took third in the electric class.

As expected, this set the moto industry ablaze, as 2019 already appears to be the year of the electric motorcycle, with Harley-Davidson hyping the LiveWire and two concepts, Energica supplying machines for the inaugural MotoE series, Zero hyping an all-new platform next month, and even Lightning Motorcycles announcing a $13,000 e-superbike later this year. Of course, all we know is what Domenicali’s said above, which leaves so many questions on the table. But since we don’t know what’s in store for an e-Ducati, let’s use this chance to make our own predictions about what an e-Ducati could be like, shall we? I’ll start, but be sure to leave your predictions in the comments section below.

Superior styling, of course

A Ducati doesn’t leave the factory unless it looks the part (yes, even the 999), and there’s no way an electric Ducati won’t look attractive. Unless the kids at the University of Bologna know something we don’t, there’s no getting around the fact a battery box is just that – a box. This means Ducati designers can get to work drawing up sexy fairings and bodywork that will hide the ugly battery. Motors, however, come in a few different shapes and sizes, and the design team could choose to leave on display the mechanical beauty of transferring electricity to forward motion, similar …read more

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