Top Touring Helmets of 2019

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By John Burns

Touring connotes long days in the saddle, and that means long days with your head inside your helmet. Fit, then, is going to be of utmost importance when it comes to selecting a touring helmet. A helmet that gives you a hot spot might not be a huge deal when you’re only wearing it for 45 minutes. Over the course of days, though, like an annoying travel companion, an ill-fitting helmet will grow to be a thing you loathe.

Traveling to a brick and mortar store to try helmets on is the best thing you can do, and if that’s not possible then finding an online retailer with a generous return policy is the next best way to go. When you try a helmet on, keep it on for a while too. Minor annoyances that grow large over time can take a while to show themselves.

Anyway, here we scratch the surface with eight touring helmets we’ve either sampled or that come highly recommended from our friends. (Some of our favorites are modulars, or flip-front helmets, but those will be covered in a separate article.)

Bell Qualifier DLX $149.95 – $249.95

The DLX packs a lot of the features from Bell’s more expensive Stars into a ridiculously inexpensive lid – ridiculously inexpensive mostly because it comes standard with a Transitions faceshield, which sells separately for around $130 if you’re lucky enough to wear a brand that even offers one. When you’re riding all day and half the night, nothing’s more convenient than not having to change faceshields all the time. Among most of the features you expect, the Qualifier also comes rigged for Sena and Cardo Bluetooth stereo headset and intercom systems, with integrated speaker pockets. If the DLX fit, you must admit.

Shop for the Bell Qualifier DLX here

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