Whatever: Back in the Saddle Again

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By John Burns

I didn’t get a new motorcycle for Christmas, but I did get a new chainsaw. They’re enjoying the same conundrum as we are over there in the chainsaw world – gas versus electric. Since “range” is not important for me (I only want to trim branches and cut things up around the house and maybe in the bathtub), I went with a plug-in electric. I didn’t know you could get a chainsaw for 75 bucks, or I probably would’ve gotten one years ago. I mean, I’d like to ride motorcycles every weekend, but somebody’s gotta take care of the homestead – and the faster the better.

As it turns out, my chainsaw gives me an almost moto level of joy. They’re even made by the same manufacturers. A nice two-stroke powered Husqvarna would’ve been nice, but those are more money, and I’m probably not gonna run the thing often enough to warrant keeping fresh premix around – then figuring out why it won’t start anyway.

The Husky 3120 XP has a 119 cc two-stroke engine that puts out 8.3 horsepower, and can use a bar up to six feet long – for “extreme logging.”

My little electric puts out a reasonably loud whine to impress the neighbors, and when my mighty(ish) 16-inch blade bites into a nice eucalyptus branch, stand back! Wood chips flying feels a lot like fresh loam off a new knobby – the main difference being that the resultant thunk is something other than my body hitting the ground. That’s refreshing. So is the smell, just like being out in the forest on your motorcycle. (With a two-stroke saw, you might close the moto gap even further.)

Naturally, there’s a learning curve just like with a motorcycle. On a chainsaw, you can put the chain on backwards, and if you …read more

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