Icon Women’s Overlord SB2 Wild Child Jacket

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By Brittany Morrow

I’m not one to shy away from that which is bold, so when Icon introduced the Overlord SB2 Wild Child, a full textile sport-specific jacket featuring turquoise/purple/magenta ombre with a zebra/ tiger stripe overlay… I was all in.

For reference, I’m wearing an XL in the photos and am a US women’s size 10/12 dress. I originally tested the jacket at 6000 ft elevation in the throes of winter.

Look, Fit, & Feel


Clearly living up to its name, the Wild Child makes an extremely bold statement in both color and pattern. The colors are so vivid, they help make the jacket look and feel high-quality (think high-end motocross jerseys). If nothing else, it does the hi-viz thing better than hi-viz.

These colors do not blend into the surroundings, no matter what type of road you are on, and that makes all the difference when it comes to being seen. In other words, pink is safer (in the daytime)!


Icon calls the cut and style an “attack fit”, which means more streamlined and tight-fitting to the body. I found this classification to be 100% spot-on. Ballistic nylon, both smooth and accordion style (as often found in race-level apparel and one-piece suits) is strategically placed above, behind and underneath the shoulders and elbows to increase mobility.

There wasn’t an inch of room to spare in the torso or arms, but even so, it did not feel binding or constricting. Rather, it felt almost custom-tailored, especially if asked to stay put in a crash.


Appearances aside, I won’t ever be attempting any championship dance moves in the Wild Child. The jacket felt best while sitting in an aggressive riding position, which is exactly what Icon’s “attack fit” is all about.

Two features the Overlord SB2 Wild Child will never have are flapping arms and blimp-back effect, even at high …read more

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