Top 10 Motorcycle Predictions!

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By John Burns

It’s that time of year again – that time where it’s my turn to do this week’s Top 10, and I’ve got nothin’. Time to make some predictions about the future, then! Let us prepare a beverage and gaze once again into the crystal ball.

10. Battery breakthrough

Now that Harley-Davidson is basically staking its future on the LiveWire electric, and Ducati says it’s headed down that road too, along with KTM, Zero… somebody better come up with something quick! Wouldn’t it be ironic if it was developed by Honda, who’ve lately been working on a fluoride-ion battery with NASA and Caltech that could have 10 times the energy density of lithiumion? Ride your motorcycle and fight cavities at the same time. Seriously, we’ll miss the internal combustion engine, but we miss steam locomotives too. There’ll always be museums.

9. Superbike racing will be replaced by old guys racing ADV bikes

Once you get past MotoGP, I hate to say it, but roadracing has become sort of passé, since most of the people who buy motorcycles can’t trim their own toenails anymore. Also, now that the riders are highly trained athletes on bikes that are way too fast yet almost uncrashable thanks to electronics, a lot of the thrill has gone. Watching fat middle-aged men wobble around on 600-pound ADV bikes, on the other hand, seldom fails to amuse. You know what’s coming, just not when…

8. Women will take over

And the only thing more fun than watching fat middle-aged men wobble around is watching attractive young women beat them down – and I’m not talking about the House of Representatives. Now that the MIC reports <a class="colorbox" href="" …read more

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