Church of MO: 1999 BMW K1200 LT

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By John Burns

Yea, bigly did BMW’s first attempt at a Goldwing style luxo-cruiser enter the arena, and who were we to decipher what it meant or make a defining judgement? Nay, not wishing to offend, it fell to MO to do a lot of beating about the sacred bush in foreign lands. The photos are according to the apostle Greg, who refuses to take credit for the words. Of which there are many and numerous.


First Impression: 1999 BMW K1200LT

All the Pretty BMWs …

By MO Staff Apr. 20, 1999
Photos by Greg McClure and BMW North America

SAN ANTONIO, TX –I’ve been riding since dawn, but after two hundred miles I’ve stopped to rest at the Hilltop Café, north of San Antonio. The bright shining sunlight belies the slight, sharp chill in a breeze that blows steadily over the rolling grasslands and it’s good to be inside for a short time. I’m alone at my table. Some moments pass and then a waiter, sun-burnt, approaches me, holding a coffeepot, friendly enough.

Usted quiere café, señor?

Sí, gracias.

Another pair of riders sits across the room, sipping their coffee slowly, drawing on half-spent cigarettes, and one of them with the pack rolled up in his shirt sleeve leans over and tips ash into the cuff of his jeans. Then they notice me and both nod at me gravely and I nod to them and then the waiter’s back wanting to know what I want. I still have long hours left of sunlight to ride without stopping, so I order up some fried catfish and rice with beans and some tortillas with hot sauce and some more coffee and the waiter takes all this down without saying a word and then leaves.

She is at the table across from me to my left. There’s no one in front of her, just …read more

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