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Congratulations. You’ve made the decision to go to a trackday (or even a race). As we, the staff can tell you, it’s one of the best decisions you can make with your motorcycle. Not only is track riding fun and addictive, but it’s also a great environment to improve your skills. But there’s a lot to do to get ready, like getting all your gear in order. Most important, of course, is your helmet.

Do you have a proper track helmet? Generally speaking, a good helmet for the track is full-face, with a double D-ring closure, and meets (or exceeds) all federal safety guidelines. You’ll have to consult with your local track or track/race organization for the specific helmet regulations they require, but the following selections are helmets we know will easily pass any tech inspection held anywhere in the US of A, and probably the rest of the world, too. Presented alphabetically, here are some of our choices for motorcycle helmets for track use.

6D ATS-1 $549.95

It sounds cliche, but 6D really did set out to reinvent the helmet. Maybe better known in the motocross and cycling worlds, the ATS-1 is the company’s street/track helmet offering. What makes the ATS-1, and 6D in general, different from most other helmet companies is the use of what the company calls “Omni-Directional Suspension.”

It really is a completely different way of thinking about how helmets are constructed. As 6D literature explains:

6D’s revolutionary patented Omni-Directional Suspension (ODS) technology represents a fully active, in-helmet suspension and kinetic energy management system. Engineered to uncouple the helmet’s exterior shell from the inner EPS liner, the system effectively mitigates energy transfer to the head and brain of the rider during any given accident or impact event. The ODS system is comprised of 2 EPS liners separated by an array …read more

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