Aerostich Women’s R-3 One Piece Suit Review

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By Kathy Koewler

A Pleasant Suitprise

Looking for the Right One

I love trying out new gear and this was the first taste of riding suits for me with a long term hands-on test, so I will admit to being pretty excited. But as I looked at the website, my excitement began to wain as I discovered that I was a bit confused about what to order.

There is always a level of uncertainty when placing an order for an item without trying it on or having a great frame of reference, and with a price tag of over a grand, I wanted to make the right choice to ensure a fair test of their gear but also my continued fun and enjoyment of putting the R-3 to the test.

So this is my one ding on Aerostich and as you noted above, it accounted for .01% of my overall impression of the company. The online sizing guides are all for the Roadcrafter (the R-3 in my case) is all in men’s sizes even though they offer ladies suits. In their defense, they do have a note in big red letters saying to call the listed 800 number for assistance with ladies sizing. And I hate to admit it but I was reluctant, due to my stubborn streak. But in fairness to the product, I made the mature choice and made the call.

Working With the Aerostich Team

In my opinion, every company and every person makes mistakes. That’s just what happens from time to time as humans. But what really defines a person or a company in my mind is how they handle those mistakes. Granted, I would have loved a ladies size chart and the ability to click a button, order my suit and go on with my day but had that occurred I would have missed …read more

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