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If you’re heading to the track, then gear is obviously very important. Sure you get the best leathers and helmet that you can, but it’s easy to overlook quality gloves as an essential piece of your track riding kit. Instinctually, we humans tend to put our hands out when we fall. Now imagine falling off a motorcycle at high speed on a track. You’re going to want some protection. The challenge for motorcycle racing gloves is to provide ultimate protection while also being comfortable, lightweight, and able to provide optimum feel of the controls. The gloves below all achieve those goals. Read on to discover more about them. And before you ask – yes, there are several gloves not listed here that are track-worthy, many by the same companies noted below. Featuring them all goes beyond the scope of this list.

Alpinestars GP Pro R3 Gloves $259.95

Technically speaking, the Supertech glove is at the top of the food chain when it comes to Alpinestars racing gloves (at least of this writing). However, in our experience, the Supertech glove has an extremely tight wrist closure, making it next to impossible to squeeze our hands into. Moving up a size helps solve that problem, but then the finger lengths become too long. A glove (or any piece of safety equipment, really) can have all the features in the world, but if it’s uncomfortable then you’re not going to wear it, which obviously defeats the purpose.

Move down the Alpinestars hierarchy to the GP Pro R3 and you have a fully-featured glove that’s much easier to put on. It uses a combination of cow, goat, and kangaroo leather for optimum abrasion protection, feedback, and comfort. The seams are stitched on the outside, to avoid the possibility of your fingers getting chaffed. The long cuff with …read more

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