10 Things You Need To Know About the 2020 Zero SR/F

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By Evans Brasfield

Here at MO, we’re pretty excited about the 2019 Zero SR/F. With it, Zero has given us the third generation of its electric platform. In reality, however, this is the first time that Zero has delivered a full-sized-feeling electric motorcycle. After 13 years, Zero’s engineers say they finally have the tools to create the type of electric motorcycle they wanted to build all along. While electric motorcycles are still an extremely young technology, the fit and finish of the SR/F show that it is leaving infancy behind and moving beyond the bleeding edge of early-adopter status into the realm of everyday usability.

Read on to find out what differentiates the Zero SR/F from its earlier siblings.

Industrial Design was Concurrent with the Rest of the Development

After two generations of Zeros that were primarily dictated by the development of the technology necessary to power a motorcycle with electricity, Zero took the opportunity of the third generation bike to fully integrate the styling and technology, giving the SR/F a more unified appearance. The result is an electric motorcycle with a fit and finish comparable to major OEMs.

Lower Seat Height

According to Zero, one of the most frequent requests from riders of the previous generation bikes was for a lower seat height. With the SR/F, Zero gave three options. The standard seat is 31.0 in – 0.8 in. lower than on the previous SR. Accessory 31.9-in. and 30.3-in. accessory options are available.

Larger Tires

The front and rear tire sizes grew from the previous generation. This not only affects the styling, making the SR/F look more muscular, but the bike feels a little …read more

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