Aerostich Cousin Jeremy Suit Hands-On Review: Part One

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By Brandon Jackson


If one has been riding motorcycles for a while then the name Aerostich is likely a familiar name. Starting back in the early 1980s the company (called Aero Design & Mfg CO. Inc.) developed the original Roadcrafter riding suit. The Roadcrafter was a departure from the motorcycle gear of the day and employed Cordura and Gore-tex fabrics in the construction instead of leather.

These materials were assembled into a one-piece, coverall style, suit designed to offer protection from crashes as well as the elements. Convenience was an important factor as well and was achieved by using a unique full-length zipper running from neck to ankle. In combination with a leg length zipper on the other leg, this arrangement made it easy to step into and out of the suit easily and quickly.

Over the following decades, Aerostich would expand their offerings to include jackets and pants like the Darien and Falstaff lines as well as a multitude of accessories for the motorcycle rider. The Roadcrafter has been updated to the current R3, the latest version of their Cordura one-piece suit while at the same time still offering the Roadcrafter in multiple versions including the Classic, Stealth, and Tactical versions.

Trying to describe the entire current lineup of suits would be enough for an entire article in itself so I’ll just point our readers to the Aerostich website for the descriptions. The point is that the company offers something for just about everybody.

Recently WebBikeWorld was given the opportunity to take a close look at Aerostich products and a couple of us were asked to choose what we’d like to review. Seeing as our last review of their gear was back in 2004 with a review of the Darien Jacket, we all felt it was long overdue.

Kathy Koewler chose to review an R-3 one-piece …read more

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