Church of MO: First Impression Ducati ST2

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By John Burns

Before there was Multistrada there was ST2, Ducati’s first sport-tourer with saddlebags, and it was good. Strangely, the apostle Tom didn’t have much to say. Happy 21st birthday to her anyway. Amen.

First Impression: Ducati ST2

Besides the strong V-twin powerplant, ergonomics are another strong point for the ST2

By Tom Fortune Mar. 16, 1998
Ducati’s long-awaited entry into one of the fastest-growing segments in motorcycling was finally introduced to the U.S. market this month with the formal unveiling of their 1998 ST2 sport-tourer in Santa Barbara, California.

Ducati’s ST2 is intended to take the best of the Italian firm’s traditional high-performance heritage, along with their distinctive styling elements, and turn them into an ultimate, yet comfortable sport-touring machine. Housing one of Ducati’s latest 90-degree desmo V-twins, the ST2 comes equipped with the usual assortment of touring creature comforts: Raised handlebars, softer springing and damping rates, and a larger, better padded dual saddle.

ST2 cockpit features higher bars and combination analog and LCD digital gauges. ST2 cockpit features higher bars and combination analog and LCD digital gauges.

The ST2’s chassis is one of Ducati’s familiar tubular trestle frames that is similar to the 916’s in torsional rigidity and lightness. Anchored to the steering head is a pair of 43mm Showa inverted forks that feature full adjustability, while the rear is held up by a single shock borrowed from the 916 and reworked for the ST2’s status as a two-up touring machine.

Front brakes feature twin 320mm floating Brembo discs and four-piston calipers, offering excellent feel and power. At the rear you’ll find a single 245mm disc with a twin-piston caliper that we found gives poor feedback. The ST2 wears Metzeler’s latest …read more

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