No More Teasers: The Lightning Strike Is Finally Here

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By Troy Siahaan

Lightning Motorcycles has finally taken the wraps off its eagerly-awaited Strike, and if the specs – and the price – are anything to go off of, Lightning’s latest creation promises to be hugely impressive.

Banking on its sportbike roots, the Strike’s design borrows heavily from the LS-218 flagship model, though Lightning says the Strike is slightly more compact. Its full fairing and nose section largely resembles that of its bigger sibling. Of course, the fully-faired design gives it greater aerodynamic efficiency compared to naked bikes, and Lightning says its wind tunnel testing revealed the Strike to produce 30% less aero drag at 70 mph compared other non-faired motorcycles.

The resemblance to the LS-218 flagship is readily apparent.

Underneath the bodywork is where you can find the Strike’s magic combination of electric propulsion. Using a liquid-cooled AC induction motor, Lightning claims the standard model produces 90 hp, while the up-spec Strike Carbon Edition makes 30 more horses, for a total of 120 hp. Top speed for the standard is set to 135 mph, while the Carbon gets a 15 mph bump to 150 mph. All three models deliver 180 lb-ft of torque.

Wait, three? You read that right. Standard edition Strikes will be available with three different battery options, with claimed range figures outlines below:

  • 10 kWh: 70 – 100 miles highway/city range
  • 15 kWh: 105 – 150 miles highway/city range
  • 20 kWh: 150 – 200 miles highway/city range (standard on the Carbon edition)

As far as charging is concerned, the Strike’s onboard charger is rated at 3.3 kW and comes standard with Level 1 and Level 2 charging capability, which should yield a full charge in as fast as 2-3 hours. A Level 3 DC fast charge option is a $1,500 extra, and when combined with the optional $1,500 6.6 kW onboard charger, can top up the Strike …read more

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