Harley-Davidsons New Middleweight Engine Detailed in Design Filings

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By Dennis Chung

Harley-Davidson has registered designs for its liquid-cooled engine that will power a new range of middleweight motorcycles including the production versions of the Pan America adventure tourer, Custom 1250 cruiser and Streetfighter concepts. The designs, originally filed in January with the European Union Intellectual Property Office and now fully registered, give us the best look yet at the engine that will power multiple models that will be introduced from 2020 to 2022.

Harley-Davidson Pan America, Custom 1250 and Streetfighter Concepts

Harley-Davidson actually submitted multiple filings to the EUIPO, one for the engine in whole and seven more detailing individual engine cover components. These design registrations were filed the same day as the designs for the Pan America, Custom 1250 and Streetfighter that Motorcycle.com was first to report when they were published by the EUIPO in February. At the time, the designs for the three bikes showed the engine in hashed lines, making it difficult to see any details. Thanks to these newly released drawings, we have a better idea of what the engine looks like.

First off, the designs affirm what we already know about the new engine platform. The engine will be a 60-degree V-Twin with a very compact crankcase and transmission. Unlike the V-Rod and Street engines (and, obviously, the mixed air- and liquid-cooled Twin-Cooled engines) the new engine embraces its fully liquid-cooled nature, with just a subtle hint of vestigial air-cooling fins. We can see mounting points behind the transmission and on either side of the cylinder heads, and the concepts suggested the engine will act as a stressed member of the chassis.

The designs don’t indicate any engine displacements, but Harley-Davidson is already on the record about four engine sizes from 500cc to 1250cc. We know the Streetfighter concept …read more

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