Church of MO: 2009 Streetfighters Shootout

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By John Burns

Ch-ch-ch-changes, my brethren. 2009 was only one decade ago, but so much has changed. Now the Tuono has four pistons instead of two, Buell has left the building – and so have Duke Danger, Pete, Fonzie, and the antipathy toward naked bikes the lads lamented at the time. Now that it’s 2019, let us embrace our naked ambition, throw off whatever pretensions toward fairness we once thought we had, and prey (upon the weak). Amen.

2009 Streetfighters Shootout: Aprilia Tuono 1000 R, Buell 1125CR, Triumph Speed Triple

Sportbike exotica with a practical side

By Pete Brissette Jan. 09, 2009
Photography by Alfonse Palaima Video by Alfonse Palaima
      For reasons we here at Motorcycle.comdon’t quite understand, American motorcycle enthusiasts don’t give naked and standard bikes the love they deserve. A harsh example of this reality is how Kawasaki Motors Corp., USA, after only one model year following the first revision of the Z1000, has dropped that bike from its 2009 US street model line-up. Naked and standards just don’t do that well in US sales, and that’s a darn shame! Don’t you people know what you’re missing?More than enough power and abundant useable torque coupled with an open and upright rider triangle are the underlying traits of naked, or “streetfighter” machines. These sportbike-derived scoots offer the same great handling, braking and overall performance that their racer-type brethren do, but in an everyday, usable package.

      It seems we may have found one we like a little more than the others, but it wasn’t an easy task! The fact is that all three bikes in our 2009 Streetfighter Shootout are excellent specimens from their makers, each one offering its own unique qualities. With this collection of players, it’s legitimate to apply the cliché that they’re all winners.We think more US riders should be aware of just how …read more

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