Best Winter Motorcycle Jackets

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Winter is usually the time when most people put their motorcycles away for safe keeping, longing for the day when spring arrives and the riding season gets back in full swing. But the hardcore rider doesn’t let cold weather stop their riding (well, to a point). As it is in most cases, with the proper gear, riding in the cold isn’t so bad. Here, we’ve gathered 10 jackets that will help keep you warm once the mercury starts dropping. And since cold rides are often associated with wet rides, most of these jackets are at least water resistant, if not waterproof. The price ranges span a wide swath and you’ll have to decide which one is right for you. Now, presented to you in alphabetical order, are our picks.

Aerostich Competition Falstaff Jacket – $670

There’s no mistaking the Aerostich design motif with the Competition Falstaff jacket. Made from 10.5-ounce English waxed cotton (the non-Competition version uses 8.25-ounce), it’s a great material to stand up to cold and inclement weather, as is evidenced by the material’s use in the commercial fishing industry. Like your dad’s old pickup truck, waxed cotton develops a cool patina as it ages and gets worn. Inside you’ll find a thick plaid cotton liner to keep you warm, as well as a soft suede collar to fit comfortably around your neck. Impact protection is via Aerostich’s TF3 or TF6 technical armor (you can choose) in the shoulders, elbows, and back. When the weather does warm up again, vents under the arm and on the back help move air, and big pockets inside, at the breast, and on the back give you plenty of room to store stuff. Available in black or brown, sizes 36-54.

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