Craigslist Deal o the Week: Buell Super TT or Bottpower Building Block?

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By John Burns

I like this seller’s style:

Cash only.
No low ballers.
No offers to sell for me.
Scammers will be shot.

Nothing about low-ballers being shot is the good news: $5400 for this rare Buell may not be too far out of line (Kelly Blue Book says more like $3585), but this one’s supposed to be near perfect, with only 8000 miles, and meticulously maintained.

2007 Buell XB12 STT Super Moto
Rare collectible only about 1500 made.
Recently replaced Perelli Tires (sic)
New front brakes and rotor
K&N air filter
Meticulously maintained by Senior rider / Mechanic.
This bike has never been dropped or abused.

The rest of the ad is here; the seller’s in Oceanside, California, if you’re interested.

The best part is the seller links to an old MO test by Pete Brissette, another MOron of impeccable breeding and taste.


Really, what got me stalking Buells again, was a story I read at Motorcycle News about Bottpower‘s newest Buell build, the XR1 White Carbon, which goes a bit beyond snazzy.

Your Bottpower XR1, as we all know, is built using the long swingarm Buell used on the XB12SS and the Ulysses. OK, I didn’t know that, but that makes the TT the perfect donor bike.

From there, every XR1 these guys have made is fully customized to the customer’s wishes. Trevor, who ordered up the White Carbon, wanted the seat number plates shorter than normal, so BP did that.

Also, this the first …read more

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