Loadin’ and Roadin’: What You Need to Know About Trailers

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We like to think we ride our bikes everywhere, right? That no horizon is too distant, no riding day too long. We are MOrons, with iron butts and steely hearts. But no matter how tough your tush, no matter how much intestinal fortitude you have, there are plenty of situations where it just makes more sense to put your bike and all its ancillary needs onto (or into) a trailer.

Maybe there’s a rally halfway across the country and you don’t want to ride your slammed chopper through a Midwest winter. Or you’re doing a track day with a track-only bike with slicks and no lights (that needs rollers to start). Or you’re going to get dirty at the best OHV park not yet closed by environmentalists… that’s a 3-hour drive away. Trailer time!

The thing is, once you’ve made the mental decision to become a trailer-ist in addition to being a motorcyclist, your level of responsibility ratchets up a bit, because you don’t want to be that guy (or that girl) with the jackknifed rig blocking three lanes on I-80 at rush hour. Do it wrong with a trailer and you’re on the Six O’clock news, or worse, one of those viral “FAIL” videos.

We teamed up with Aluma Trailers – the leading provider of high-quality, American-made aluminum trailers – to give our readers this handy guide to loading and operating your trailer. Read on to avoid some of these common pitfalls.

1. Choose Wisely

First, you need a trailer. But, which one? Buy the trailer that best suits your needs, given your towing missions, cargo and tow vehicle. We are not going to tell you which trailer to buy, but the good folks at Aluma Trailers have a huge selection of high-quality, made-in-the-USA trailers that can handle just about anything you can think …read more

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