A Precise Feminine Touch: The Women of Ducati’s Bologna Factory

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By Ryan Adams

Chances are, the beating heart of your Ducati and, for that matter, every other desmo you’ve seen out on the road, was assembled, at least in part, by women. Making up 14% of Ducati’s production line in the Borgo Panigale facility, are women. The vast majority of that number is stationed on the engine assembly line, putting together the most crucial components of any Ducati motorcycle.

This past February I found myself in the somewhat sleepy district of Bologna which has been home to Ducati’s facility since 1935. I was invited to have a look behind the scenes at the design process of the new Ducati Diavel, an interesting experience you can read about here, but I was also given the opportunity to interview Claudio Domenicali as well as having my own private walking tour of the production facility with Ducati’s PR manager, Giulio Fabbri. During the tour I was able to meet and chat – with Giulio’s help, of course – with some of the women that make help bring to life each Ducati motorcycle.

Le donne di Ducati

Women’s employment rate in Italy is at more than a ten year high with a recorded 52.5% in 2017. While women make up 14% of Ducati’s production line, 228 of the entire facility’s 1,236 employees are female, bringing the overall percentage of women to 18%. Italy also boasts one of the lowest gender pay gaps at 5.3% in the EU and has been on a decline over the past few years.

Of the women we met on the line, some were born in Bologna and proud of it while others made the move to work for Ducati specifically. All were vibrant, passionate, and dedicated people who enjoyed their jobs and appreciated where they work. Having the chance to discuss with these women …read more

Source:: A Precise Feminine Touch: The Women of Ducati’s Bologna Factory


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