Church of MO: 1999 Suzuki SV650

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By John Burns

And in that year, one score and no more ago, Abraham Lincoln and the Suzukiites came down from the mountain with the Hayabusa tablets, which received huge play because that bike went 186 miles per, and because the world’s moto-VIPs (including yours truly) got to not only ride the coppertone missile that fast on the Spanish main, but also around Circuito Catalunya – and it was a big deal in a time when speed was all the rage, the world had not completely gone to Hell in a handbasket, and run-on sentences could go on for entire paragraphs with no one really caring or even noticing. Quietly, via the backdoor, Suzuki also introduced a new midsize twin-cylinder standard that year. Rather than just write a glowing review, King of the MOites Brent Plummer wandered in the desert for months to come up with this, which I think was his malcontent version of a glowing review.

1999 Suzuki SV650

By Motorcycle Online Staff Mar. 19, 1999
Photos by MO Staff and American Suzuki
      Los Angeles, May 10, 1999 — It’s minutes before the convention hall doors for the annual IMS show in Long Beach, CA open to the public. Two bored MO Editors mill aimlessly in front of the Suzuki exhibit. Front and center stands a copper-colored GSX-1300R Hayabusa, Suzuki’s entry into the top-speed wars. To the Editors’ right is Suzuki’s other significant, new-for-1999 motorcycle, the SV650. The Hayabusa looks fast, modern and high-tech. The SV650 looks good, very good in fact, with clean, minimal lines, but both Editors wonder openly why a faired version isn’t displayed.Soon, they’re distracted, fidgety. One Editor remarks that the show looks smaller this year. The other suggests they make the courtesy

      rounds, flirt with the Aprilia girls, ride back to L.A. and perhaps catch a movie.Suddenly the convention doors …read more

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