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The job of a sportbike tire is a tough one. Considering the performance – and variety – of today’s modern sporting machines, an ideal tire needs to be able to warm up quickly, offer good grip in both wet and dry conditions, transfer feedback to the rider, and provide good handling capabilities. Thankfully, all the major tire companies work tirelessly to improve their tires to meet these demands. Of course, longevity is a concern as well, but compared to a sport-touring tire a sportbike tire won’t quite measure up with all the other duties it has to perform.

Here, we’ve gathered seven different tires that are great at handling it all. We’ve focused on street-based tires, since that’s where the majority of sportbike riders spend their time, although all of the tires here are more than capable of handling the occasional trackday or two. If you’re the serious trackday/racing type, we’ll have a separate guide for you coming soon. And now, in alphabetical order…

Avon 3D Ultra Sport $126 – $173

The Avon 3D Ultra Sport tires aren’t as widely known as other brands, but offer impressive performance. The 3D in its name refers to the sipes cut into the tire with three-dimensional points underneath that interlock and limit tread flex, thus allowing for quicker warm-up times and better stability. Avon’s variable belt technology places the steel cords close together in the center for stability and even wear, while the cords are further apart at the edges to give as big a footprint as possible while leaned over. And, of course, a bigger footprint means more grip.

Triple Extrusion tread compound features more durable compound in the center of the tire for longevity and a softer compound at the shoulders for – you guessed it – better grip. A third compound underneath the two …read more

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