BMW’s Big Boxer is On the Way

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By John Burns

When I learned I was off to Austin last week with just a couple days notice, on a mysterious mission to see something BMW wanted to unleash on the public, somebody showed me a picture of the Custom Works Zon bike from Japan, “Departed.” When I looked at it I LOL’d oh ho ho!, and said no way is BMW building anything remotely like that. And especially no way on the Japanese custom’s oversize boxer Twin, complete with pushrod tubes. You gots to be kidding me.

Surely that engine is some kind of mock-up representing an electric motor with two small saddlebags? In fact, the Departed is BMW enough that BMW brought it to Austin to show off at the Handbuilt Show.

When we got to the big unveil in Austin on the Thursday night before the US MotoGP, though, what did the giddy German BMW execs roll out but another custom barely containing that same giant boxer Twin, this one built by Revival Cycles in Austin. In the “Birdcage,” that flat Twin looks even bigger than it does in the Custom Works Zon bike, which already can’t help but make you think of a thin woman with huge, ahh, cylinders, even if you are suffering from low T.

Another angle of the Departed really gives the Big Boxer some scale; the rear wheel is a 26 incher.

In Austin, we were allowed to see the engine, but BMW didn’t want to tell us anything about it other than it displaces about 1800cc, is air- and oil-cooled, and yes the pushrod tubes contain pushrods. If I’d been paying attention (or if MO‘s news section had been displaying properly), I wouldn’t have been surprised; Dennis had already spotted the R18 two weeks earlier and determined its legitimacy.

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