Trilobite Comfee Gloves Hands-On Review

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By Brandon Jackson


Recently, Trilobite sent me a “Care Package” in the form of a box containing their new Go-Up jeans, the Ace jacket, and a pair of gloves which is the subject of this review. Trilobite is fast becoming a familiar name to webBikeWorld readers with us having published several reviews of the Czech Republic based manufacturer’s products.

The gear I have reviewed has been well received as the quality of their apparel has been very good. They have also demonstrated they are keen to take reviewers’ comments to heart and update their products based on feedback.

Having reviewed two pairs of their jeans and a jacket it seems only logical to have a look now at their gloves. Trilobite has several styles of gloves aimed at the commuter/cafe style rider offering protection appropriate for these types of riding. The gloves I was sent differ a bit in that they are geared more towards off-road riding, or as Trilobite refers to it, “Scrambler” riding.

Let’s see what the Comfee gloves are all about.

The Trilobite Comfee Gloves

The Comfee gloves are a short cuff glove that uses a mixture of leather and durable fabrics for construction. The gloves are lightweight and very flexible which is often desired in an off-road style glove. The outward appearance suggests that they are also lightweight on protection but there’s more than meets the eye here and we’ll get to that in a minute.

Two color options are offered including the black color shown here in this review and a light tan/beige version. The lighter color looks pretty interesting but I have a feeling they might show dirt rather quickly so keep that in mind if it is a concern.

The black gloves are black on the back of the hand while the palm and underside of the fingers are …read more

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