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By Ryan Adams

A few years back I started riding dirtbikes. Up to that point in my life, I had it all figured out. At work, I had built and maintained marketing databases better than any of my uninformed superiors could have done and I knew it. I had been the top salesperson in a couple of different positions and, at that point, had a well-rounded background in different facets of the motorcycle industry. I knew the industry. I had my ear to the ground and I was a passionate motorcyclist, heck, some of my bosses didn’t even ride and others seemed to have no clue about the motorcycles at all! Thankfully for them, I did. There were instances where I had a really hard time working on projects that I knew weren’t as efficient or focused as they could be. Most of the time, I would reluctantly put my head down and get the job done. Other times, I’d voice my opinion and get myself in trouble. I was, in a word, obdurate.

When I started riding dirtbikes, I approached things the same way. I know how to ride motorcycles, I’d been riding fire-breathing 1000cc street bikes for years. I was excited to begin ripping this little 250 around. As soon as I got into the sand on my new (to me) KX250F, I realized I had no f*cking idea what I was doing. I was all over the place flailing from side to side down the first sand wash. I’d knife the front, get up and do it again a few feet later. What the hell was happening?

What do I know about dirtbike riding now? It can be tiring.

Thankfully, for this first foray into off-road riding, a friend and mentor had set up this excursion with herself and two others who …read more

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