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Most, but not all, motorcycle luggage these days is waterproof or comes with a cover or something similar to make them so. Using waterproof luggage guarantees your belongings will stay dry and, in general, better protected from the outside elements. When touring, this is more or less a crucial requirement because the weather can change in an instance. Even for daily use, it’s good to know your belongings will stay dry in the event of a surprise Spring shower on your way to work.

There are plenty of options on the market for all sorts of motorcycles. We chose eight of the best companies in the game to showcase some of their waterproof products while also highlighting hard and soft options for waterproof motorcycle luggage.

Wolfman – Unrack System

Family owned and operated, Wolfman Motorcycle Luggage makes all of its products in the US. They manufacture everything from tank bags to tail bags, with off-road and on-road offerings. The latest drop from the Colorado-based luggage company is the Unrack system. This allows users to fine-tune their luggage requirements to the specific size, and style needed for the trip at hand. The Unrack system uses a base, of which there are two sizes, that stays on the motorcycle and lets the rider choose from a variety of other Wolfman bags, such as the 100 % waterproof Rolie dry bags, in a sort of modular fashion. Wolfman accessories, like the Bottle Holster, can also be attached as the adventure deems necessary. The base for the system starts at $199.99 with the configurable bags starting at $84.99. The Wolfman Unrack System offers flexibility for a wide swath of riding needs.

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Touratech – Zega Pro Series

Aluminum waterproof lockable hard cases. A staple in …read more

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