Top Ten Things in Texas Last Weekend

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By John Burns

Austin, Texas, that is, where the annual Handbuilt show coincided with the US MotoGP at Circuit of the Americas. I didn’t make it out to the GP, but I did make it to the unveiling of an exciting new BMW, onto a tour of Revival Cycles and into their shop on Congress St. (above), into the Handbuilt show, and all over some delicious cuts of Texas cow at a couple of swanky restaurants. Austin is everything you’ve heard. If you live in California and are considering the move, I recommend you do it immediately.

10. The Bathroom at Revival Cycles

Hey, I’ve been on the road a lot lately, and all that time on airplanes makes you appreciate a nice, clean well-appointed bathroom. We’re totally done up in here in ’70s car, bike, and girlie magazine wallpaper. Inspiring and relaxing, the only thing we’re lacking is the Toto Washlets that spoiled me everywhere in Japan when we went to ride the new Katana last month; I fear the Washlet may be the #1 reason why the Japanese have become such an industrially complacent people lately. Anyway, the cleanliness and attention to detail paid to the whole work environment would allow me to entrust my precious vintage motorcycle to Revival (if I had a precious vintage motorcycle).

9. Kev Schwantz’s Ducati 916

I didn’t remember to ask if this is or was really His Kevness’s 916, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it is. One night when Revival’s founder was tearing his hair out looking for big tires to go on the Birdcage (see #2 below), Schwantz dropped …read more

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