Church of MO: 1999 Buell Motorcycles

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By John Burns

And Jesus was raised on the third day, according to the Scriptures, but when he emerged from the tomb and saw that people were still using dial-up modems and AOL, and that the MO photos were tiny and that Harley-Davidson had just bought Buell… he said, Y’know what? This is ridiculous. I’m going on back in the crib to sleep a bit longer. Let’s try this resurrection thing again in a few years, mm’kay?

1999 Buell Motorcycles

By Motorcycle Online Staff Mar. 15, 1999
Photos by Greg McClure and Buell
ST. GEORGE, UTAH, July, 1998 –Buell blew it.

The first day of the 1999 Harley-Davidson/Buell press introduction took place at the Harley-Davidson Café in Las Vegas, Nevada. Following a presentation of the new Twin Cam 88, we boarded a bus and were shipped off for two days of riding in an oven called Southern Utah. But as the bus rounded the turn into the parking lot of St. George’s Holiday Inn there were four sparkling and shiny 1999 Buell motorcycles parked innocently in front of the entrance. They weren’t supposed to be there.The following evening when Buell CEO Jerry Wilke gave commands to remove the veils from the new bikes, it proved a little anti-climactic, to say the least.

A pack of wild Buells resting calmly at the side of the road.

They’d already been ogled, some opinions already had formed, and insightful (or not so) pronouncements already had been delivered by some present with a style approaching iambic pentameter:

Does not this bike with routed airflow seem
A baked right rider’s leg, this sin redeem?

Nevertheless, the bikes looked so good, all glossy and bright, that ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’ were uttered all over again, and rightfully so. Buell has a lot to crow about.

A new fourth tie rod combined with a new triangular front frame spar increases frame …read more

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