Best Motorcycle Rain Suits

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We all know that the world shown in motorcycle advertisements isn’t real. As much as we’d like it, the sun doesn’t always shine, and we aren’t the only vehicle on the road. We can always dream, though. When it comes to bad weather, we all have to deal with it sometime – even those of us who reside in sunny SoCal. When the rain starts to fall, the best thing we can do is have proper rain gear to keep us dry. Touring and adventure touring riders will often make their stand against the elements with waterproof riding suits, which we’ve covered here. For the rest of us, a rain suit over our regular riding gear gets carried along when the weather looks like it could turn wet.

When it comes to rain gear, the camps are pretty evenly divided between one- and two-piece suits. They both offer advantages and disadvantages. One-piece suits are easier to don and doff, while two-piece suits can more easily accept differing body types. Regardless of what you use, they’ll go a long way towards making a wet ride a fun one. Here is a selection of the best motorcycle rain gear we’ve found.

Dainese Storm Jacket and Pants – $130/$95

The Dainese Storm Jacket and Storm Pants offer comfort and dryness to your ride thanks to its breathable knitted fabric. This stretchable fabric allows free movement on the motorcycle without sacrificing waterproofness. The pants feature an elasticized waist and an adjustable cuff. The jacket includes an integrated hood along with an internal waterproof pocket. The jacket and pants are ultrasonically welded for a no-seam construction, and its four-way stretch material and coated zip closure offer the ultimate in comfort – on and off your motorcycle. The jacket is available in men’s sizes XS-2XL …read more

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