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In our Best Sportbike Tire series, we compiled a list of sportbike tires primarily suited for spirited street riding. Sure they could handle an occasional trackday or two, but those tires are best to be avoided if hardcore track riding, or even club racing, are in your future. If you fall in that second category, this list is for you. Here we’ve compiled some of the best track rubber you can find while still being approved by the Department of Transportation. In case you didn’t get the subtle hint, you won’t find any slicks on this list, but what we have here are nearly as good. Better still, these tires are widely available, so you don’t need the special bro deal through your local track vendor to obtain anything here. Where possible, we’ve linked to staff member reviews of said tire(s), so here they are in alphabetical order.

Avon VP2 Xtreme $135 – $182

With its minimal tread siping, you can tell the Avon VP2 Xtreme tires were meant for aggressive track or road use. The tread contours are meant to flex in such a way to provide a huge contact patch under braking, and the steel belts are wound in varying densities (tighter in the center, looser towards the edges) to provide either maximum life/stability or flexibility and grip. Looking at the VP2, and its minimal tread, it’s clear that dry weather performance is its primary target, but using what Avon calls it’s Enhanced Aqua Flow tread pattern, Avon claims the VP2 Xtremes can hold their own if a little water comes splashing down.

Shop for Avon VP2 Xtreme tires here

Bridgestone R11 $147 – $255

Bridgestone may no longer be the sole tire supplier for MotoGP, but the lessons learned from …read more

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