Eight Things KTM Got Right With The 390 Duke

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By Troy Siahaan

KTM made a really cool motorcycle in the 390 Duke, but it became even better in 2017 when the folks in Mattighofen gave it some much-needed upgrades. We’ve covered the 390 Duke extensively on the digital pages of MO, but if you’re new around here – or especially new to motorcycles in general – let this be a Cliff Notes guide to why the 390 Duke is a great little bike. The short reason why we like the bike so much is because it punches way above its weight. In the past if you presented us with a 373cc Single, yawns would follow. Not so with the 390 Duke. Fun is the name of the game with this little terror, and below are eight reasons why it should be on your radar if it isn’t already. Don’t get us wrong – it’s not a perfect motorcycle, and we’ve included a couple reasons why.

Nailed It


Just look at this thing. Small displacement motorcycles have no right to look this good. And the pictures don’t do it justice, either. In person, the design is very impressive. Some people don’t like the headlight, which is shared with several other KTM models and is a staple for the company. Personally, I dig it. It adds personality, and ties off the angular lines from back to front. Equally impressive is the lack of errant wires, hoses, or cables sticking out where they shouldn’t, especially under the fuel tank where you might expect to see a loose cable or two. Get rid of that huge license plate holder and the proportions will look just right.

Supermoto mode

Photo by Schedl R.

There aren’t too many settings or options to adjust on the 390 Duke, but there is one – the …read more

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