Church of MO: 1999 Ducati Supersport 750

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By John Burns

And in those days, the Apostle Terblanche wandered in from Wherever, and adorned the long-running Supersport with all-new bodywork, while the Italians lavished upon it a new fuel-injection system and other upgrades to prepare it for the 21st century. In the half-faired 750 version here, it actually doesn’t look half bad does it? But even though Terblanche took the new bike’s lines from his earlier, highly praised Supermono, the Ducatisti were not impressed; Pierre took his 30 pieces of silver, purchased a blancmange, and went off to plot his revenge with the 999. And so it is written.


Ducati Supersport 750

By Motorcycle Online Staff Mar. 16, 1999
One High Concept Ride
LOS ANGELES, October 26, 1999
Ducati’s are different — just look at them. It is not just their aggressive appearance either.There are no high-tech materials to gawk at; only retro chrome-moly steel, some aluminum and other simple alloys. Yet, drawing on their decades of experience, Ducati has — once again — introduced to us a bike that stirs the soul in the purest sense.A generous mix of technological engineering is mixed with good old-fashioned know-how in the Ducati 750 Supersport, resulting in a bike that is far greater than the sum of its parts would ever let on.

Being on a Ducati, we never get tired of being asked whether or not we like the bike. We like attention and this bike draws it in spades. Nevertheless, when asked to justify our opinion, we are always hard-pressed to support our statements with facts like we are usually able to do. The way you fall in love with this bike is not by staring at peak dyno numbers, a spec-sheet or even the beautifully hand-welded trellis frame and inverted forks. You fall in love with this bike by doing to it what very few …read more

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