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Pity the poor fool who’s got nothing to do for a week or two but roll around on his motorcycle – no job, no cares, no particular place to be. And if you’re fortunate enough to have all those things working in your favor, chances are you’re carrying around quite a bit of loot in the saddlebags and trunk of your Goldwing, Ultra Glide or big BMW K-bike – possibly even an accomplice. What you want on all of those bikes are tires that stick to the pavement, wet or dry, upright or dragging peg, carry a heavy load safely, and preferably wear like iron. Is that too much to ask?

Avon Cobra AV72/AV71 – $186-$423

Lots of touring riders report getting more than 20,000 miles out of a set of these British-built tires (the front is AV71), which come in sizes to fit everything from a V-Rod, to a Triumph Rocket III, to Goldwing and super-wide custom bike applications. Special construction is designed for heavy loads, with excellent stability. They have a cool snakeskin design embossed in the sidewalls, and are available in whitewall.

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Bridgestone G709/704 Exedra Goldwing – $248-$324

When I think touring, I think Goldwing, and when I think Goldwing, I think of the tires Honda has been shipping them with since 2012. The latest GL1800 handles like something an 800-pound motorcycle has no right to handle like, and even guys who use all that bike’s torque all the time report getting around 10,000 miles out of one of these rear Bridgestones, much more out of a front. Many GW riders like these so much they go right back to a fresh pair of Exedras time after time.

Shop for Bridgestone G709/704 Exedra Goldwing …read more

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