MO Tested: Cardo 45mm Audio Set Review

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By Evans Brasfield

While they may be called helmet communicators, I bet that most riders spend the majority of their time listening to music rather than talking with other riders. Because of that, the most common complaint we hear about these Bluetooth systems is that the speakers have tinny sound and lack the volume to be heard clearly at speed – particularly when wearing earplugs. Well, Cardo has heard you and responded with the recently released 45mm Audio Set, which consists of a pair of 45mm JBL-developed helmet speakers and the firmware to allow select Cardo units to get the most out of them.

MO Tested: Cardo Systems PackTalk Bold

The box for the speakers is surprisingly small, but it only needs to hold the 45mm Audio Set speakers, some hook-and-loop fasteners, speaker positioning pads (to move the speakers closer to your ears if necessary), and a pair of replaceable speaker covers. Be careful not to throw away the little instruction card, though. It has the QR-code that unlocks the JBL sound profiles.

The size difference is even more pronounced when you consider that the old 40mm speakers (top) have foam wrapped around their outside edges.

Installation is a breeze. All I had to do was take out the stock speakers from my Cardo PackTalk Bold. If you haven’t paid attention to the best location for your speakers, now would be a good time. Proper placement pays huge dividends in sound quality. Because of their larger diameter, it took me a couple of tries to get the placement just right.

Once the hardware is installed, make sure that your Cardo device has the current firmware by visiting the Cardo Community website. The online interface is easy to understand, but Cardo loses points for requiring Chrome or Firefox browsers, forcing Safari users to …read more

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