2019 Triumph Rocket 3 TFC Revealed with Ginormous 2500cc Triple

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By Dennis Chung

After teasing us with some photos in January, Triumph has released full details about the new 2019 Rocket 3 TFC. Besides the switch from roman numerals and the addition of premium Triumph Factory Custom components, the limited edition 2019 Triumph Rocket 3 TFC supersizes what was already the world’s largest production motorcycle engine to a massive 2458cc displacement, claiming more than 168 hp and 163 lb-ft.

Each of the Rocket 3 TFC’s cylinders has a larger displacement than the Tiger 800’s three cylinders combined. Carbon-shielded pipes exit from each cylinder, leading toward two stacked Arrow silencers with carbon fiber end-caps.

Triumph says the engine is all new, with a 110.2mm bore and 85.9 mm stroke, compared to the previous Rocket III’s 101.6 mm x 94.3 mm. That translates to an extra 164cc over its already giant predecessor’s 2294cc powerplant. The engine makes use of lightweight titanium intake valves, allowing it to rev higher than the previous Rocket (Triumph didn’t explicitly say what the new rev limit is, but a shot of the digital tachometer shows a redline just shy of 6000rpm).

The claimed 168 hp output is about 13% higher than the previous Rocket III engine (and the most powerful engine produced by Triumph) while Triumph’s claimed 163 lb-ft. would give the Rocket 3 TFC more peak torque than any other production motorcycle, and by quite some margin.

The Rocket 3 TFC comes with four engine modes with throttle map and traction control settings: road, rain, sport and a rider-configurable mode. The Rocket 3 also comes with cornering ABS and hill hold control, while a shift assist allows for clutchless up and down shifts.

As a Triumph Factory Custom, the Rocket 3 comes with a lot of premium carbon fiber parts. The bodywork, front fender, fly screen, drive …read more

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